This Mom Gets Asked, Why A Blog?


It is 2016, I’m 35 years old, and I’m at a point in my life that I’m happy and more confident in my self than I ever have been. Between my 2 sons and my husband I rarely get any girl time to talk about what girls talk about. I love being a wife and a mom but sometimes I want to be more than that. To talk girly and be understood, to discuss creatively. I want this blog to do just that. Throughout this year I am challenging myself to get out there and engage myself with topics that will hopefully engage others. To enrich myself by enriching others. The truth is, I like to think I’m always right when sometimes I am wrong, I cry at movies (even animated ones), I love makeup and nail polish, I love the colors pink and purple, I believe in being soft but kicking a little butt when necessary, I believe in happy endings, love music not just for the beat but how I can relate to the lyrics, I am addicted to Pinterest, and I’m not perfect. I am a girl, a woman, and I want time to be just that. I proudly claim to be a girl and this is my girl time!


About achall1121

Hello, my name is Amanda and welcome to my blog This Mom's Girl Time. I am a wife, a mom of 2 rambunctious boys, and I hold two jobs. My main job keeps me busy for 40 hours a week as a Recruit Support Specialist. My second job is more for extra money and help support my hobby, I'm a Support Specialist at Micheal's Arts and Crafts. I also have a side store of crochet pieces called Hall of Wonder Crafts. I am also a Independent Distributor for AdvoCare, a nutritional program that helps people to learn healthy habits with an amazing line of products to help nutritionally since we never get everything we need in a day from our diet. I am a lot of different things, I have a lot of different responsibilities, and I have a lot of different interests. Which is why I hope this blog is successful for me and hopefully for my readers.

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