This Mom is Checking Out Chia Seeds

This Mom is Checking Out Chia Seeds

I, regretfully, am not much of a breakfast person. I stayed home by myself quite a bit as a child/young adult and I usually cooked my breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. I didn’t know how to cook much, but I could make a mean egg sandwich. So needless to say, over the years I got tired of eggs. I am constantly in search of something I will like for breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day after all. In one of my Pinterest searches I found this, Mango Chia Breakfast Cereal recipe here from Dietitian Debbie.


Photo Credits: Dietitian Debbie

I made it with a full can of coconut milk, a whole mango and double the Chia seed and milk so it made 5 small breakfast meals. I have them in cute to go cups so that I can eat them quickly at work. While I was making them, I proudly (and in a somewhat cocky way) told my husband that I was going to be eating healthy breakfasts this week because my meal had chia seeds in it. And of course, because he loves to tease me, he asked why chia seeds were so healthy. I stuttered and stammered, but I did not have an answer. I just knew that they were from hearing various comments and gossip from friends. I didn’t know why! After some mild gloating from my husband I new it was time to do some research!

I have learned several things from my little investigation:

  1. Chia seeds have antioxidents to protect themselves from souring. Some studies say more than blueberries. Which is awesome for us too!
  2. They have a high fiber content. This should increase chances for weight loss and reduce appetite. In fact the carbs in these little jewels are almost all fiber!
  3. Don’t underestimate their size, they hold considerable amounts of nutrients including calcium and magnesium.
  4. Because of all these amazing facts, chia seeds should increase energy levels which is great for working out and staying in shape.

Basically, these little seeds are jam packed with goodness! So without really knowing why, I am having some ‘good for you’ breakfasts this week! I hope this was helpful to you and I would love to know if you are already eating them. What are your favorite ways to use chia seeds?


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