This Mom Ponders the Lottery

This Mom Ponders the Lottery

So I don’t know how much the rest of the world is hearing of this, but the Tennessee Power Ball Lottery is currently up to 1.3 billion dollars. That is an insane amount of money! It just makes a person wonder…what would I do with all that money? The obvious comes to mind: charity, house, car, college funds for my kids, pay off my parents bills, be debt free, invest, and travel the world. I know I wouldn’t quit my jobs, I love them and I like what I do, but I would definitely want to spend more time with my family. This is an opinion post and I would love to hear your ideas for spending the money! The odds may not be that great, and we should always be happy with what we have, but it’s fun to dream. So what do you think, what would you spend the money on?


About achall1121

Hello, my name is Amanda and welcome to my blog This Mom's Girl Time. I am a wife, a mom of 2 rambunctious boys, and I hold two jobs. My main job keeps me busy for 40 hours a week as a Recruit Support Specialist. My second job is more for extra money and help support my hobby, I'm a Support Specialist at Micheal's Arts and Crafts. I also have a side store of crochet pieces called Hall of Wonder Crafts. I am also a Independent Distributor for AdvoCare, a nutritional program that helps people to learn healthy habits with an amazing line of products to help nutritionally since we never get everything we need in a day from our diet. I am a lot of different things, I have a lot of different responsibilities, and I have a lot of different interests. Which is why I hope this blog is successful for me and hopefully for my readers.

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