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This Mom is Loving a Healthy January


You know what I love about January? I love that everyone is in a health kick for their “New Year, New You”

A segment will start soon featuring healthy meal prep for the week's lunches. Stay tuned for more, posts will be made on each Sunday of the month.

attitudes and you can’t scroll Pinterest, grocery sale shop, or walk around the office without hearing or seeing someone talk about a new healthy recipe or food. I think in honor of January and New Year’s Resolutions I am going to be doing a segment on healthy meal planning, specifically for meal prep lunches during the work week. I have

packed my meal prep lunches in the past, but I will be searching for new ideas and featuring them on Sundays all month so that hopefully you will get some inspiration for your own lunches. If you have any yummy meal prep lunches to suggest please do so, and maybe I will be featuring you!


This Mom Gets Asked, Why A Blog?


It is 2016, I’m 35 years old, and I’m at a point in my life that I’m happy and more confident in my self than I ever have been. Between my 2 sons and my husband I rarely get any girl time to talk about what girls talk about. I love being a wife and a mom but sometimes I want to be more than that. To talk girly and be understood, to discuss creatively. I want this blog to do just that. Throughout this year I am challenging myself to get out there and engage myself with topics that will hopefully engage others. To enrich myself by enriching others. The truth is, I like to think I’m always right when sometimes I am wrong, I cry at movies (even animated ones), I love makeup and nail polish, I love the colors pink and purple, I believe in being soft but kicking a little butt when necessary, I believe in happy endings, love music not just for the beat but how I can relate to the lyrics, I am addicted to Pinterest, and I’m not perfect. I am a girl, a woman, and I want time to be just that. I proudly claim to be a girl and this is my girl time!