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This Mom’s Healthy Meal Prep Week 1

This Mom’s Healthy Meal Prep Week 1

So earlier this week I mentioned how much I love January for all the healthy talk and topics. So in honor of a healthy January I am going to be doing a healthy lunch prep for the work week segment. Each Sunday I will feature recipes and pictures of the week’s lunches.

For this week I have prepped two recipes for four lunches since I have plans to eat Indian with some coworkers on Friday. I am also featuring a made ahead breakfast that will be enough for every day of the week.

The first made ahead lunch is One Pan Baked Chicken with Carrots 20160110_183931and Broccoli. I found this recipe¬†originally on Facebook¬†and loved the simplicity, put it all in a pan and bake! Since it needed to bake I made it first. Using a foil lined pan, spray with cooking spray, and spread out chopped carrots, chopped broccoli, and chicken breasts. Sprinkle vegetables and chicken with spices, the spices I used were garlic salt, lemon pepper, Italian seasoning, and paprika. Then drizzle olive oil over them all. Bake at 400 for 35 to 40 minutes. I haven’t tried the chicken yet but I snagged a couple of the vegs and they are delicious!

The second week day lunch was a Green Power Salad with a Creamy Avocado Dressing. I found it on Pinterest and the recipe is here. A power salad i20160110_191228s just what I need for lunch and this one definitely packs the power greens! Spinach, avocado, cucumber, edamame, and broccoli with cashews and a flavorful, healthy dressing to pull it all together. I didn’t have my little containers because my husband wants to use them this week for his snacks, so I used plastic baggies and I plan on clipping a corner at lunch to use it as a dispenser. I am definitely looking forward to this lunch this week!

For breakfast I have found another Chia recipe, Coconut Lime Raspberry Chia Pudding, since I loved last weeks so much. This recipe,seen here, uses raspberries, lime juice, coconut milk, shaved coconut, almond milk, 20160110_194140and chia seeds. It says you can add a sweetener but I splurged for the sweetened almond milk and that did it for me.Since I had one container left from my husband’s raid I decided to use it for tomorrow’s breakfast, put the rest into a large bowl, and then refill it each night for the following day. However, due to an unfortunate event, as I was putting the larger container in the fridge it popped out of my hand, bounced off the second shelf of my fridge, and landed on the floor in a large pink puddle. Definitely not one of my more graceful moments! I could not salvage it from the sadness, but at least I have the one for tomorrow.

I hope you will try at least one of these yummy make ahead meals for your work week and if you have any suggestions for make ahead meals, let me know. I will be adding a whole new set next Sunday. Enjoy!