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This Mom’s Hall of Wonder

This Mom’s Hall of Wonder

In order to share a little more about myself I should definitely mention Hall of Wonder Crafts and AdvoCare. They are two of my passions and kind of my side jobs, even though they really aren’t work. Today’s entry is about Hall of Wonder Crafts and I will talk about AdvoCare tomorrow. About a year and a half ago I was a sporadic, amateur knitter. My husband decided he wanted a hat and sent me a picture/pattern for the one he wanted. Of course it was crochet and he didn’t know there was a difference. Instead of trying to find the knit ver20150910_181420sion of the pattern I decided to indulge him by learning crochet. After some research I found The Crochet Crowd Their spunky personalities and great, in depth tutorials had me crocheting in no time. I was ‘hooked’! After finishing my husband’s hat (he loved it by the way, still wears it to this day) I started making random pieces because I thought they were cute and I just wanted to keep going. One particular piece I gave to a friend’s little girl had my friends all raving. It was a shell stitch hat with an attached button for changeable flowers.

One of my friends suggested I start selling them and that she had purchased a space at a local craft show a month from then. Hall of Wonder Crafts was born! I created a few pieces for her to sell at her booth and I created my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/hallofwondercrafts so that if people liked what they saw they could check out more of what I could do. Sadly I did not sell a single piece at that craft show, but I was not daunted. Besides I crocheted because I loved it not because I wanted to make money. It was such a great stress reliever. SuddenlyPhotoGrid_1422377123413 though, with the cold weather coming in and because one of my friends had a newborn and wanted some pieces that created a buzz, I started getting in orders. Mainly from friends and family, but most were custom orders which quickly expanded my product portfolio. Now my orders have eased a little, but my love for crocheting is very much alive. I participate regularly in Facebook and Ravelry Crochet-Alongs and forum discussions. I will continue to share my Hall of Wonder escapades with my latest projects and inspiration. I would love to hear what inspires you to do your hobby?

You can also check out my future ideas on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/halls4ajrc/hall-of-wonder-ideas/ Follow me if you would like to continue seeing what could be next!