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This Mom Reviews Ulta Baked Eyeshadows

This Mom Reviews Ulta Baked Eyeshadows

20160112_193523I was sifting through the posts I have done so far and I realized I had not reviewed or discussed any beauty tips/products. What better place to start then with┬ámy favorite eye shadow! Ulta’s Baked Eye Shadows give great pigmentation and color combinations. You can use them dry or wet, which is my personal preference. By controlling the amounts you can actually create shades, adding depth and new color shades.

So w20160112_181002-2hat I have done is use Ulta Baked Eye Shadow in the color Spellbound to show you the difference between using the eye shadow wet and dry. The sample on the left is the eyeshadow with water and a wet brush whereas the sample on the right is the same eye shadow applied with a dry brush. As you can see they are both beautiful pigmentation but two totally different looks. One bold and vibrant and the other soft and demure.

Below are samples of all the colors I currently own with a wet brush. As I said above, using the baked shadow wet is my favorite! Left to right the colors are Taken, Natural Beauty, Covet, and Sweet Dreams.


I hope you enjoyed this mom’s first beauty product review. If you have tried Ulta’s Baked Eye Shadows and would like to discuss, feel free! If you would like to tell me your favorite, it may be the next product I review so share away!